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Main information on the project

Contractor Pr. Anselm Skuhra, University of Salzburg, Austria
Co-ordinator Dr. Larisa Deriglazova, Tomsk State University
Project length - 3 years, Sept. 2003 - Aug. 2006

Project objectives:
  • To create and to develop network of EU Studies Centers in Siberian partner universities.
  • Tomsk State University in close co-operation with EU partners will serve as a resource centre for new EU Studies programs at Siberian partner universities.
  • To establish MA and Doctorate Programs on EU Studies at Tomsk State University.
  • To develop and to deep co-operation between partner universities, and other educational institutions, representatives of regional administration, NGOs, enterprises and to spread knowledge about EU.

Project activities:

  • To train new staff who prepares courses on EU issues from Siberian partner universities.
  • To develop and publish teaching materials for EU studies.
  • To develop web pages of EU Studies Centers in Siberian partner universities.
  • To upgrade and develop existing EU courses, which were developed by Tomsk State University staff during previous project. To organise study trips to EU partner universities for Siberian staff (12 people).
  • To organise 5 workshops (Summer methodological schools) in Siberia for new staff preparing EU courses.
  • To organise 2-3-weeks workshops at EU partner universities for Siberian staff developing new courses on EU issues (15 people).
  • To organise final conference to sum up results of the project and to establish network for future cooperation.


  • University of Salzburg, Austria - Pr. Anselm Skuhra, Department of Political Science
  • Free University of Brussels, Belgium - Pr. Eric Remacle, President of the Network of International Politics Studies, Department of Political Science and European Studies
  • University of Kent at Canterbury, UK - Pr. Richard Sakwa, Head of Department of Politics and International Relations
  • Justus-Liebig University, Giessen - Pr. Reimund Seidelmann, Department of Political Science; Dr. Kirsten Westphal, Department of Political Science
  • Pr. Judith Marquand, University of Oxford, UK Project expert
  • Tomsk State University, RF - Pr. Alexey Timoshenko, Head of World Politics Chair, Department of International Relations
  • Novosibirsk State Technical University, RF - Pr. Evgeny Tsoy, Vice-rector on International Relations, Department of International Relations and Regional Studies
  • Kemerovo State University, RF - Pr. Yury V. Galaktionov , Department of Modern History and International Relations , Dr. Yury L. Govorov, Dean, Department of Modern History and International Relations
  • Tyumen State University, RF - Pr. Sergei Kondratiev, Dean, Department of History and Political Science
  • Irkutsk State University, RF - Pr. Gennady N. Novikov, Dept. Of World History and International Relations